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Chip Ingram Will Speak at NRB

February convention details shaping up

Chip Ingram’s programs are heard on 850 radio stations in the United States each week; now he’s slated to speak in a prominent slot during the upcoming NRB Convention.

Ingram is senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in California. He’ll talk during the General Session at NRB 2012 in Nashville on Saturday Feb. 18.

In addition to radio, his programs on DirectTV and Family.NET TV reach 34 million households weekly. “Internationally, he can be heard throughout all Russian-speaking countries, reaching 120 million households via Kingdom Channel TV, which broadcasts Ingram’s program to 41 Arab countries, reaches over 100 million households, 12 times weekly,” NRB stated.

Association President/CEO Dr. Frank Wright called Ingram “a gifted speaker and Christian leader whose extraordinary leadership has helped spread the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.”

Ingram has written 11 books and is president of the ministry Living on the Edge.