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Church Fined for Tower Fencing Violations

Church Fined for Tower Fencing Violations

The FCC has upheld a fine of $13,600 for Greenwood Acres Baptist Church for failing to maintain a locked fence around the tower at KASO(AM), Minden, La., and failing to maintain a public inspection file.
The case originated in 2002 when field agents inspecting the AM station reported that the fence around KASO’s tower was unlocked and part of the fence had a hole in it big enough for a person to step through.
Greenwood asked for the fine to be reduced or cancelled because it has corrected the violations and said paying that high a penalty would cause financial hardship.
The commission was not persuaded and said Greenwood did not file the proper paperwork to prove it doesn’t have the funds to pay the fine. The agency upheld the earlier $13,500 amount.