Clear Channel Goes for Flash Online

Broadcaster is gradually rolling out new media player platform for all its stations
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Clear Channel Radio is switching to the Adobe Flash Platform for the delivery of audio and video from its Web sites.

A beta version of the new media player is in place on, and will roll out to Clear Channel station Web sites over the coming weeks, according to the broadcaster.

As most listeners are presumed to have Flash on their computer, they will not need to download an additional media player or other components to access live station streams and on-demand content. (Adobe estimates its Flash Player is installed on more than 98 percent of Internet-connected desktops.)

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The new Clear Channel Radio Flash-based media playerThe Clear Channel player requires Flash Player version 9.0 or newer.

"We switched to the Adobe Flash Platform to bring the highest-quality experience to our listeners and advertising partners," stated Paul Miraldi, senior vice president of programming and marketing for Clear Channel Radio's Digital Division, in a press release announcing the move. "Flash technology allows us to present hundreds of stations and literally thousands of pieces of on demand content, from songs and music videos to exclusive performances and news footage in the most ubiquitous and easy-to-use format.”

Clear Channel operates more that 850 radio station Web sites. It claims a monthly Web audience of more than 22 million unique visitors and delivers nearly 40 million on-demand plays of music videos, artist performances, celebrity interviews and station-created comedy bits. Web-based listening adds up to 15 percent to its on-air audience, Clear Channel estimates.


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