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Clear Channel Has ‘Zero-Tolerance’ for Indecency

Clear Channel Has 'Zero-Tolerance' for Indecency

Like Viacom/Infinity before it, Clear Channel is strengthening its anti-indecency policy to its on-air personnel as radio head John Hogan prepares to testify along with other media executives before the House Telecom Subcommittee. The company has launched the “Responsible Broadcasting Initiative,” a zero-tolerance policy towards broadcast indecency including training and automatic suspensions “for anyone that the FCC alleges has violated indecency rules,” according to a press release.
Company President/COO Mark Mays stated that in such a case, the jock would be suspended. Then, after a quick investigation, any DJ found to be violating the FCC’s indecency rules would be terminated.
Clear Channel also announced it would modify all new on-air contracts to ensure jocks share financial responsibility for paying a fine if they say something on the air that’s determined to be indecent.
The company also reiterated its call for a “Decency Task Force,” volunteering to take part with representatives from broadcast, cable and satellite industries to develop a response to indecency and violence in the media.
The company fired controversial Florida host Todd Clem, whose on-air persona was “Bubba the Love Sponge”. The show originating from WXTB(FM) in Clearwater had incurred a record broadcast indecency fine of $755,000.