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Clear Channel Reorganizes Programmers

Clear Channel Reorganizes Programmers

Clear Channel Radio has realigned its programming team along specific geographic regions. The changes are effective Oct. 1.
“This revision is motivated by a need to align incentives, create a shared focus on common station or market priorities, and clarify accountabilities,” said Senior Vice President of Programming Tom Owens. “John Hogan and I have been working for some time on a structure designed to increase the efficiency of communications and encourage the forging of more efficient partnerships.”
Owens appointed the following Product Senior Vice Presidents by Region: Northeast – Product SVP Dave Lange; Rob Williams, Radio SVP; Mid Atlantic – Product SVP Harve Alan; Jim Shea, Radio SVP; Southeast – Product SVP Marc Chase; Peter Ferrara, Radio SVP; Midwest – Product SVP Gene Romano; Dave Crowl, Radio SVP; Plains/Northwest – Product SVP Jack Evans; Jay Meyers, Radio SVP; Southwest and West Coast – Product SVP Steve Smith; JD Freeman, Radio SVP (Southwest) and Charlie Rahilly, Radio SVP (West Coast) and Southwest/Central – Product SVP Bill Richards; John Cullen, Radio SVP.
Owens says the company would also appoint regional vice presidents of programming similarly aligned with the forty trading zones supervised by Clear Channel Radio’s existing regional vice presidents. Each RVP of programming will be responsible for improving communications and managing product resources for his or her assigned station group. Clear Channel Radio will complete the Regional Vice President of Programming assignments by Oct. 1.

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