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ClearOne Further Reduces Use of Gentner Name

ClearOne Further Reduces Use of Gentner Name

There’s not much left of the name Gentner at the company once known primarily for its broadcast products under that brand.
ClearOne Communications Inc. said its audio and video conferencing products, sold under the Gentner and VideoLabs names, have been rebranded with the ClearOne name and will be sold through its new ClearOne Conferencing Products division.
The company is publicly traded and has expanded into a provider of multimedia conferencing products and services. It sold off its broadcast remote control product line in 2001 but retains a line of broadcast telephone interfaces.
ClearOne changed its name from Gentner Communications in January, but temporarily kept the name for its products division. “Since that time, ClearOne has worked to synthesize the ClearOne and Gentner names with its stakeholders,” the company stated.
Products from the Gentner division include audio and video conferencing systems, as well as broadcast products. Its VideoLabs division was gained as a part of a recent acquisition and offers video conferencing peripherals.
The Gentner brand will continue to be used on the firm’s Distributed Echo Cancellation technology.