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Super Hi-Fi Introduces Voicetrack Fusion

It is available through the company’s Program Director OS

Super Hi-Fi has released Voicetrack Fusion, describing it as a new approach to voice tracking. 

It says the platform blends talent management, shift management, job assignment and voice track recording into one interface and reduces VT scheduling and production to a matter of minutes. 

Voicetrack Fusion is available through the Super Hi-Fi Program Director OS. It was announced by CEO Zack Zalon. 

The tool offers recording, production and shift management to a browser-based interface. “The platform automatically produces all of the elements around voice tracks, so they’ll sit perfectly in the mix and always hit the post,” the company says.

An editing screen in Voicetrack Fusion

Tools include voice track scheduling; variants for network or localized syndications; and automated alternates, so that if a talent misses an assigned voice track, the system will select the items and auto generate a reduced, voice-free alternate segue. 

“VoiceTrack Fusion allows managers to schedule DJ shifts, automatically generate voice track assignments, deliver job notifications via text and email, and monitor job progress for all On-Air Talent with ease.”

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