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Companies Deliver MP3 Audio Cards

Companies Deliver MP3 Audio Cards

Broadcast Software International and AudioScience have teamed up to release soundcards that play quadruple MP3 files without a software codec. The two cards, the ASI4344 and the ASI4346, are available now, exclusively from BSI.
This is the first time that professional audio companies have created soundcards specifically for the MP3 format.
The two cards decompress audio files using the soundcard hardware, thereby freeing the CPU of having to decompress the files.
These models are designed to eliminate the skipping and slowness that can be problems for broadcasters working with MP3.
Broadcast Software International signed an agreement with AudioScience to be the exclusive distributor of the new audio cards. The agreement also allows the cards to also be sold through select BSI distributors.
BSI will also be the exclusive distributor for upgrades to two other AudioScience audio cards, the ASI4334 and the ASI4336, allowing them to become triple MP3 devices.
For more information contact BSI in Oregon at (541) 338-8588 or visit the Web sites at or