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Company Offers Rek-O-Cut De-Hisser

Esoteric Sound is offering the Rek-O-Cut De-Hisser.

Esoteric Sound is offering the Rek-O-Cut De-Hisser.

It removes hiss and noise from vintage or modern phonograph records as well as tape recordings. The company says it uses three techniques: A Groove Wall Selector switch allows selection of the least noisy groove wall of a mono record; a circuit cancels out rumble and similar noises that are common to both groove walls. Hiss Removal is accomplished by filtering selected portions of the audio spectrum that contain the noise. And a Lo-Cut Switch can select two amounts of low-frequency noise attenuation: The 40 Hz position for many LP records and 78s, or the 80 Hz position with old acoustic records, records with hum, severe warps, or records requiring extreme bass boost.

The system connects to hi-fi systems like an ordinary graphic equalizer. Price is $549 with an optional walnut case available.