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Cox Radio and Harris Have Digital Gear Marriage

Cox Radio and Harris Have Digital Gear Marriage

Harris and Cox Radio have a digital transmission equipment deal that runs through 2008.
With 78 stations, Cox is the eighth largest radio group by station count.
Eight Cox stations have converted to date, beginning with WEDR(FM) in Miami nearly one year ago. FM stations in Houston, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; San Antonio, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky; Orlando, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Stamford/Norwalk, Connecticut, will convert through 2005.
Sterling Davis, vice president, engineering, Cox Radio, said, “We don’t want to be the only analog service in a digital world. Our relationship with Harris allows us to develop a roadmap for implementing HD Radio, including additional benefits such as supplementary audio and data services.”
The decision to install low-power or high-power transmitters will depend on the individual station’s physical layout and power requirements. In addition, some stations will not need transmitters or may simply add a second transmitter rather than replace a main unit, according to Davis. In this scenario, a station would simply add a Harris exciter to initiate a digital stream within the existing transmitter.