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Cox Sells Radio Stations

Connoisseur Media and SummitMedia split the sale

Cox Media Group has found buyers for the smaller market stations that it wanted to sell.

The big haul, over 20 stations, goes to SummitMedia. It picks up stations in Birmingham, Ala., Greenville, S.C., Honolulu, Louisville, Ky. and Richmond, Va.

The market breakdown: Birmingham — WAGG(AM), WENN(AM), WBHJ(FM), WBHK(FM), WZZK(FM), WZNN(FM), WBPT(FM) and the contract rights for WALJ(FM); Greenville — WJMZ(FM), WHZT(FM); Honolulu — KKNE(AM), KRTR(AM/FM), KPHW(FM), KCCN(FM), KINE(FM); Louisville — WRKA(FM), WVEZ(FM), WSFR(FM), WQNU(FM); Richmond — WHTI(FM), WKHK(FM), WKLR(FM), WURV(FM).

Connecticut-based Connoisseur Media, a small group owner, got a little bigger in scooping up Cox’s Connecticut stations: WPLR(FM), WEZN(FM), WFOX(FM) and the contract rights for WYBC(FM).

Cox had announced in 2012 that it wanted to offload some stations in order to concentrate on large-market/core properties.