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CSA Launches Public Consultation for DAB+

Consultation will be launched by the end of May

French regulator, Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, has announced that it will launch a public consultation on the details on the DAB+ rollout in cities outside of Paris, Marseille and Nice, where services are currently on air. The consultation will begin by the end of May.

The cities that are set to take part in the consultation include Nantes, Lyon, Strasbourg, Lille, Bethune-Douai-Lens, Valenciennes, Mulhouse, Metz, Nancy, Bayonne, Le Havre, Brest and Grenoble, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Toulon and Rouen.

In addition, according to the provisional calendar established by the CSA, a call for applications for DAB+ in these areas could be launched by September 2015, which would allow services to go on air as early as October 2016.

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