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Cumulus Adds Futuri Media Platforms

LDR1, Takeover, TopicPulse Social Media Monitoring and TopLine Sales Research available to 27 markets

Futuri Media has reached an agreement with Cumulus Radio to provide Listener Driven Radio, Takeover, TopicPulse social media monitoring and TopLine sales research platforms to the broadcaster’s stations.

This announcement follows several other recent moves to streamline Cumulus, including the shutdown of streaming service Rdio.

The rollout will eventually expand to the remaining Cumulus markets and stations, but initially, it will be limited to the company’s 27 biggest markets. The deal offers immediate implementation of LDR1 and Takeover, the TopicPulse social media measurement system and the TopLine system.

The TopLine system is a broadcast sales research app that was newly released and came after Futuri’s September acquisition of radio industry consultancy TopLine Matters.

“Futuri has proved to us that they can customize their capabilities to our individual stations’ ratings and revenue objectives,” Cumulus Media Senior Vice President/Content and Programming Mike McVay said in the announcement. “We’re a particularly big believer in Futuri’s TopicPulse social media tool, which will help us maximize our audience engagement potential in our largest and most competitive markets.”