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Cumulus, Tieline Got to the Super Bowl

Manufacturer’s codecs are now 4g LTE-compatible

Tieline Technology says its IP audio codecs now are 4G LTE-compatible and can connect using either 3G or 4G wireless networks when required.

The manufacturer pointed to a recent notable application.

At Dallas sports station KTCK(AM), aka “The Ticket,” Cumulus tech personnel set up a standard ISDN line; but, worried about heavy network traffic, they set up a wireless backup option using a Tieline Commander G3 IP audio codec configured with both a 3G wireless module and 4G LTE modem.

Tieline said the station ended up needing the 4G LTE link to get a press conference with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the air from a lower level of a local hotel.

Later, another Tieline Commander, rigged as an IP backup codec, came to the rescue during the main broadcast when the ISDN line failed momentarily.

Shown are Cumulus Dallas Chief Engineer Brent Blankenship and corporate VP of Engineering and IT Gary Kline with the Commander G3 and 4G LTE Modem.