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Dave Ramsey at 25

Syndicated show hits quarter-century mark

Say one thing about Dave Ramsey, he’s been invested for the long-term.

He and his eponymous show about money have been on the air for 25 years. That would be a long time for a network or locally-produced radio show, but for an independently-syndicated show, it’s an eternity.

And a demonstration of his determination, the quality of the show and an eager audience. Ramsey claims 585 stations along with a satellite audience on SiriusXM. Estimated audience total is 13 million. 

Ramsey said, “The radio show happened by accident. … I lost everything because I was stupid and borrowed too much money. When I discovered and applied common-sense financial principles in my own life and began teaching them, a friend invited me on a little broke radio station to help people with their money problems. I’m sure our delivery was horrendous, but we offered truth, instruction and hope. We’ve refined that over the years, because that’s what people need.”

Along the way Ramsey & Co. have received the National Association of Broadcaster’s Marconi Award and been voted into both the NAB and National Radio Halls of Fame.