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Delphi Introduces Delphi XM Signal Repeater

Delphi Introduces Delphi XM Signal Repeater

Delphi Corp is expanding its satellite radio product line-up with the introduction of the Delphi XM Signal Repeater. The company says it’s the first system that wirelessly rebroadcasts the XM satellite signal throughout most homes and smaller offices.
Delphi hopes the device will help push sales of indoor satellite radio products.
The system includes both a transmitter and receive module. The transmitter down-converts the XM signal through the XM home or audio system antenna and rebroadcasts it through interior walls and floors at an expected distance between 75 and 100 feet.
While in range, one or more receive modules can acquire and up-convert the signal back to the regular XM frequency — passing it through just like a typical XM antenna.
Joe Damato, director consumer electronics for Delphi said the device eliminates the need for long antenna extensions.
The Delphi XM Signal Repeater is compatible with Delphi’s line of satellite radio receivers. The unit will debut at retailers this spring with a list price of $169 for the complete system and $69 for each additional receive module.
To date, Delphi says it has sold more than 4 million satellite radio receivers including both OEM and retail units.