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Deva DB4000 Watches Your Audio

User Report: Spain broadcaster finds FM monitor covers all the requirements

MADRID — Recently, Radio Nacional de España, the national broadcaster of Spain, acquired a DB4000 FM monitor from Deva Broadcast Ltd. When we had been shown the DB4000 we realized its potential in measuring and notifying us of any change in our transmission. We asked to test one.

Normally we have four programs on air at most of our transmitter sites. With around 240 sites, that means 960 transmissions on air 24 hours per day. Some of these sites have large numbers of potential listeners thanks to advantageous sites, high-power transmitters and high-gain antennas. Because we are a public radio system we must always broadcast a quality signal. the DB4000, which can follow an unlimited number of signals, is a good tool for us test.

Useful features

For us an important feature of the DB4000 is the control of all the RDS categories. We utilize special applications like TMC, so the availability of an alarm for RDS level loss is crucial.

The rackmounted DB4000 has a display and a touchpad that is adequate if you don’t have a PC. Using a PC, you can access the DB4000 Device Manager application. It will give you a quick overview of RF level, MPX deviation peaks maximum and minimum, left and right stereo channel and also the RDS level. When you look into the tabs and start exploring the program you can appreciate the intuitiveness, depth and accuracy of the data displayed.

The Band Analyzer provides a picture of all the frequencies in the FM band. Opening the RDS tab, you will find useful information about the configuration of the RDS, groups received and alternative frequencies.

The FM Spectrum tab shows the spectrum; that will be stored in a log in the Log Manager. The MPX Deviation tab shows the response curve (kHz in function of time percentage), positive and negative.

The DB4000 can issue alarms via SMS, using preset threshold and values information and follow schedules. It can report values configured with up and down limits or mark the out-of-range value. Alarms can also be sent via email to specified assigned addresses.

Additional components — essentials, in my own opinion — include a GSM modem and DB90 Audio IP Box.

The Audio IP Box creates an IP audio stream for the DB4000 Device Manager so users can listen via the Internet directly to the DB4000 tuner.

We can say that the DB4000 is a perfect tool for looking after your transmission. It will measure your signal and detect problems in order for you to solve as soon as possible. Guillermo Hernández is FM Sites Manager for Radio Nacional de España.

For information, contact Todor Ivanov at Deva Broadcast in Bulgaria at 011-359-56-820027 or visit