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Diary Response Rates a Concern to NAB Group

Diary Response Rates a Concern to NAB Group

Arbitron has been taking a beating from more than one group of broadcasters lately.
Now a committee of high-powered broadcasters say they have “serious concern” about declining Arbitron diary response rates. The NAB’s Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement, or COLRAM, put out a “challenge” to Arbitron, asking it to present COLRAM next month with a “comprehensive plan” to improve response rates.
The group said response rates are at “critically low levels, particularly in some of the largest markets.” It cited “Arbitron’s equally alarming lack of aggressiveness in implementing measures to stem these declines.”
Arbitron spokesman Thom Mocarsky replied that the issue continues to be an important priority at Arbitron.
“We’re spending more than ever than ever before on dealing with declining response rates.”
He said the company would “continue to work with COLRAM, the NAB and the Radio Advisory Council on addressing this important issue.”
The COLRAM group includes Tom Bender of Greater Media/Detroit, Dr. Tom Evans of ABC Radio, Jess Hanson of Clear Channel/Phoenix, George Hyde of the RAB, George Ivie of the Media Rating Council and Tony Kidd of Cox Radio/Atlanta.
Also Jerry Lee of WBEB(FM)/Philadelphia, Mickey Luckoff of KGO(AM)/San Francisco, Trish MacDonald Garber of MacDonald Garber Broadcasting, Jeff Williams of Hispanic Broadcasting and Chairperson Charlotte Lawyer of Susquehanna Radio.