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DK-Technologies Adds MSD100C to Audio Meter Line

DK-Technologies Adds MSD100C to Audio Meter Line

Danish manufacturer DK-Technologies has an addition to its range of Master Stereo Display audio meters, called the MSD100C.
The company says the unit is aimed at the broadcast market, particularly small studio applications and secondary workstations where there is a need for a meter that gives information about the stereo signal.
The model has a color VGA screen and comes with two audio input pairs, one stereo analog and one AES-3 digital input channel. It accepts up to 96 kHz on the digital input and has 24-bit A/D.
The meter incorporates an audio vector oscilloscope and a phasemeter.
Additional features include a level meter with user-definable scales and reference levels, wall-plug power supply and a CD-ROM containing a quick-start user’s manual.