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DRE Says FMeXtra Will Be Tested in Israel

DRE Says FMeXtra Will Be Tested in Israel

An Israeli broadcaster will test the FMeXtra digital subcarrier technology from Digital Radio Express.
The president of Radios, David Ben Basat, said in a statement he saw the DRE demo in the Energy-Onix booth at the recent NAB Radio Show. “With the topography of Israel and the lack of free frequencies, FMeXtra digital broadcasting offers a unique solution for us to improve our broadcasting,” the supplier quoted him as saying.
Basat indicated he plans to convert one of the Radios FM stations in the next few weeks, and based on those test results would petition Israel’s broadcasting authorities for FMeXtra digital conversion on all of its stations.
The DRE system digitizes FM subcarriers; the company says it enables an FM station to transmit up to 16 digital programs using existing equipment.