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DRM Consortium Gains Auto Audio Integrator

DRM Consortium Gains Auto Audio Integrator

The Digital Radio Mondiale consortium has snagged its first auto audio integrator into membership.
Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH has joined the DRM consortium, bringing the membership to 89 members from 29 countries. DRM was developed as a digital radio technology for shortwave and AM radio overseas; members recently voted to extend its range to FM.
Harman/Becker is the automotive division of the audio firm Harman International Industries, Inc. The company integrates automotive entertainment, information, and communication systems.
DRM Chairman and Deutsche Welle COO Peter Senger said the Harman/Becker gain
“opens the door to new opportunities for innovators in the automotive industry” and marks a new phase in DRM development.
“DRM will revitalize the LW/MW and SW frequency bands combined with significantly better audio quality,” said Harman/Becker CTO Dr. Peter Geiselhart. “DRM’s extension into the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz will be the first digital modulation scheme that can fully replace analog FM channels with compatible bandwidth.”
DRM will show its consumer radios at IFA 2005, in Berlin from Sept. 2-7.
Harman/Becker offers high-end audio systems with surround sound technology, to infotainment systems with navigation, media players such as DVD Audio, DVD Video, CD, MP3, speech dialog systems, telephone and telematics options such as Internet, WAP, Email, SMS, Bluetooth, analog/digital tuner and receiver technologies, headphones and rear seat entertainment.