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DRS Looking Overseas

DRS Looking Overseas

DRS Systemtechnik is readying to promote its DRS 2006 radio automation software to broadcasters in North America and Australia.
The system, which is currently in use across Europe, uses only a single PC and soundcard to transform MP3 files into a professionally mixed automated radio broadcast.
The new DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor plug-in auto gain control provides real-time enhancement to improve broadcast quality. Professional and standard versions of the software are available. To facilitate its operations in North America and Australia, the Bremen, Germany-based company has opened a new office in Pasadena, California.
For information from DRS Systemtechnik, contact the company in Germany at telephone: +49-421-528558-1; FAX: +49-421-528558-3; e-mail: [email protected]; or click on