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DTV Sales Soar

DTV Sales Soar

While it took almost four years before the 1 millionth DTV set was sold, it took only two months of 2004 to sell more than two-thirds that amount, based on sales figures from CEA.
As reported by TV Technology magazine, manufacturer-to-dealer sales of DTV products in January and February totaled 853,443 units, representing dollar sales of more than $1.3 billion, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The sales for the first two months represent a 124 percent unit increase and 100 percent increase in dollar sales over the same period in 2003.
Meanwhile, NAB said 30 more local TV stations have joined the list of those broadcasting in
digital, bringing the total to 1,216 over-the-air DTV stations in 207 markets that serve 99.69 percent of domestic TV households.