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ENCO Adds New User Interface to DAD v5.1d

ENCO Adds New User Interface to DAD v5.1d

ENCO has released version 5.1d of its DAD system, which provides radio audio management, automation, on-air assist and playout capabilities.
The company says v5.1d has a new look and feel based on user feedback, and that the ActiveX-based controls provide an intuitive interface that ensures features are available at the right time. It incorporates enhanced metadata capabilities to support demands related to information display in HD Radio, RDS, Web integration and other applications.
“Plug and play” capabilities for interfacing a variety of studio and broadcast equipment have been added to DAD. ENCO says automatic identification and configuration of general-purpose interfaces eases the process of system integration in studio setups.
ENCO’s StreamLine offering incorporates the new interface as well as stronger integration between music scheduling and traffic management modules.