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Seacrest Studios Standardize on ENCO DAD

Fourteen locations including the latest one in Queens have new automation systems

From Radio World’s Who’s Buying What page: ENCO DAD automation systems are being installed at the 14 Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals, including a new one at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Queens, N.Y.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds broadcast media centers for pediatric patients “to explore the creative realms of radio, television and new media, and contribute positively to the healing process for children and their parents.” The first studios opened in 2010 emphasizing radio broadcast and production. 

“There were always video elements so that patients could visually take in what was happening in the studio inside their rooms,” said Nicole Mead, the foundation’s VP business development and operations, in a joint press release with ENCO

“As technology has evolved along with the desires of young patients, we have made significant investments on the video production side. Seacrest Studios locations today have the appearance of a combination radio and television studio. The square footage of Seacrest Studios has essentially doubled since our first build.”

She said the foundation is installing DAD systems streamline workflow in all the studios and to add hooks for video production elements such as PTZ cameras.

The foundation schedules most content centrally from a NOC in Nashville. The local ENCO DAD systems handle file conversions, metadata and other production elements that previously required separate components and manual intervention; for instance DAD’s Dropbox utility automatically manages required conversions and places content in the appropriate file directories for scheduling. 

The 14th Seacrest Studio opened in September at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

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