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ENCO Partners With Benztown, Compass Radio for AI Initiative

SpecAI can create new radio spots in seconds

ENCO has joined forces with Benztown and Compass Media Networks to bring its SpecAI ad creation tool to the North American radio broadcast market.

According to ENCO, the three companies will work together on initiatives that emphasize how artificial intelligence can help broadcasters create spec ads for sponsors on demand, “alleviating the time, energy and costs of traditional production methods while accelerating the sales process and time to market,” said the company in a press release.

The main initiative, SpecAI, uses generative AI models to create audio content and automate voice tracking for new spots.

ENCO said SpecAI’s workflow is simple. The user, typically an account executive within a media organization, first answers a few questions to determine spot length (30 or 60 seconds), writing style (casual, humorous, uplifting), and sponsor details (company name, address), using a web browser or mobile device.

SpecAI then generates three scripts to choose from, which, according to ENCO, users can manually edit or have re-generated through phonetics to perfect the copy. “The user then selects their preferred sound of the AI voice and music bed underneath before downloading the final down-mixed audio file,” said ENCO. “The process can be completed in seconds.”

Benztown and Compass Media Networks have worked closely with ENCO’s engineering team on SpecAI’s development. Specifically, Benztown has added user-selectable music beds that run underneath the AI voice while Compass Media has contributed to the user interface with its Specbyte and Cash by Creative platforms.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, president and co-founder of Benztown, said the music options will help set the tone for each spot. “The music in SpecAI is categorized by format,” he said. “For example, an account executive for an Adult Contemporary or Rock station has many options to add music that aligns with the client and station’s demographic. There will also be themed music available for holidays throughout the year.”

Compass Media will lead the sales and marketing efforts alongside Benztown employees, who will focus more on international clients.

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