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Envision and the Virtual Forecast

Barter service aims to bring forecasting to those that can’t afford it

Weather happens whether a weatherman is around or not. Yet many stations can’t afford to have a full-time weatherman on site. Still, many listeners turn first to the radio for weather news.

Weather services were born for this; the latest is Envision Radio Networks’ Virtual Weather Reports.

Similar to the recently launched Virtual News Center, the Virtual Weather Reports are customized for local features and local delivery. Level of customization is negotiable. It’s a barter service.

A difference between the services: VWR is helmed by a single host, a real live weatherman, the appropriately named Big John Wetherbee, who is certified by the National Weather Association and has the American Meteorological Society Seal.

Big John will deliver up to 10 weather reports a day and is available special for “crisis” weather coverage.

In its marketing, Envision Radio Networks President and CEO Danno Wolkoff states stations can reduce their costs while increasing advertising and sponsorship sales.