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ERI Boosts Antenna Production for End of Incentive Auction

T-Mobile and ERI will make equipment and crews available to accelerate mandated television channel changes

LAS VEGAS�In anticipation of the conclusion of the FCC�s Broadcast Incentive Auction and expected mandated television channel changes, Electronic Research, Inc. announced at the 2016 NAB Show an agreement with T-Mobile that will see the acceleration of antenna production by what ERI describes as 800 percent.

ERI has announced that installation crews will be immediately available after the FCC issues new channel assignments to broadcasters that are either relocated within the UHF television band or relocating from UHF to VHF channels. The company says that this will accelerate the process of clearing the 600 MHz frequency band within the FCC�s 39 month repacking timeline.

�ERI will have the capacity to manufacture television antennas, transmission line, and filter systems and to have trained and equipped installation crews at the beginning of the FCC�s 39 month clearing window,� said Tom Silliman, ERI president and CEO.

In order to meet these goals, ERI has announced that it will hire and train manufacturing, test and installation personnel, and expand its manufacturing and test facilities.

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