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ESE Introduces NTP Time Servers Line

ESE Introduces NTP Time Servers Line

California-based ESE is now shipping their line of network time protocol (NTP) time servers. NTP is a method of sharing time information on a network. According to the company, the ES-104, ES-289, ES-299 and ES-911/NTP all provide accurate and synchronized time throughout a network. The ES-104 employs an internal GPS Receiver as its time reference providing the user with a source of Stratum 1 accuracy. ES-289, ES-299 and ES-911/NTP receive their time reference from external sources of time code. The ES-289 accepts either SMPTE/EBU time code or ESE time code while the ES-299 references either IRIG (A, B or E), NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 time code (AM or TTL). ES-911/NTP is designed to accept ASCII time code in many formats including NENA (format “0”, “1” or “2”), ESE (format “A”) or NMEA 0183. List price ranges between $895 and $1,995. For more information contact the company in California at (310) 322-2136 or visit