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Eventide Turns Back the Clock

Eventide Turns Back the Clock

Old is new again at Eventide these days.
Five “Eventide Clockworks Legacy” plug-ins for Digidesign ProTools TDM have been introduced. Reaching back up to 30 years, Eventide brought back Harmonizer-brand effects processors in software form. Such units as the H910, H949, Omnipressor, Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger are available for the user’s computer.
Old but new again in hardware form is the Reverb 2016, a dedicated unit. Recreating the three algorithms of the SP2016, the Reverb 2016 adds three more that take advantage of the increased horsepower of the new platform.
The unit uses knobs, but with a twist: they have LED indicators that indicate the settings visually. The Reverb 2016 earned a Radio World “Cool Stuff” award at the recent NAB convention.