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Farm Radio Opens African Radio Script Contest

Help spread the word about smallholder farmer innovations in sub-Saharan Africa

Farm Radio International is looking for true stories about innovative farmers.

In cooperation with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Association Mondiale de Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires (AMARC), Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and other partners, Farm Radio International is conducting a scriptwriting competition designed to help spread the word about smallholder farmer innovations in sub-Saharan Africa.

The competition is open to organizations and individuals that work with radio in Africa, including radio stations, broadcasters, production organizations, NGOs with a radio projects, farmers’ associations with a radio show, etc.

Scripts submitted to the competition must tell a true story about a knowledgeable and inspiring smallholder farmer (or farmers) in the region who has developed an innovation.

To help participants succeed in the contest, a free, two-month online radio scriptwriting training course will be offered.

Entries must be received by 1 November 2009, and scripts will be reviewed by an international panel of judges and winners will be announced in January 2010.

Top entries will be eligible for a variety of prizes, and winning scripts will be published and distributed in English and French to radio stations across sub-Saharan Africa. They will also be made available via the FRI Web site.

Rules and submission information are available via the competition Web site,