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FCC Could Move Fast on FM Translator Window

Audio Division Chief Peter Doyle discusses AM revitalization options

If the full commission approves a special application window for AM owners to obtain FM translators, the FCC could move quickly to implement that.

So says FCC Audio Division Chief Peter Doyle, telling Radio Show attendees: “We’re very confident we can turn those applications into construction permits very quickly.”

Asked by an attendee how long broadcasters can count on being AM owners, Doyle said, speaking personally, “AM is a terrific medium. The commission is very sincere about trying to do what we can.”

Switching to low-power FM, the FCC has processed over 1,300 construction permits for new LPFM applications, according to Doyle.

We recently reported the agency issued the second of what will be three groups of tentatively-selected mutually exclusive application groups. The last group will focus on the one part of the country the commission hasn’t processed MX applications for, the south.

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