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FCC Counts More than 15,000 Full-Power Radio Licensees

Commercial, noncom FMs rise, AMs decline in latest agency licensee count

The amount of commercial FM stations continues to rise, and AMs continue to drop.

That’s according to the FCC’s latest count of its broadcast licensees.

The commission counted 6,580 licensed commercial FMs and 3,803 noncom FMs as of Sept. 30. That compares to 6,568 commercial FMs and 3,760 noncom FMs as of June 30.

AMs continued to decline, with 4,745 licensed as of Sept. 30 and 4,754 as of June 30.

The commission had 6,103 licensed FM translators and boosters in its database as of Sept. 30. That compares to 6,105 as of June 30.

Low-power FMs remained fairly steady, with 822 licensed as of Sept. 30, compared to 824 in June.