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FCC Launches New Online Dashboard

Provides access to reports and graphics on FCC materials

The FCC is looking to provide some more transparency to the public with the creation of a new online dashboard. Now available on, the dashboard allows consumers to access reports and graphics on FCC workloads, pending actions, petitions, complaints and license renewals, as well as access Freedom of Information Act materials.

“Since becoming Chairman, I’ve made it a priority to find ways to improve transparency at the FCC,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “We serve the American people. To do that, it’s important to remain accountable to them and give them accurate, regularly-updated information about our work.”

The new dashboard is available here.

In addition, the FCC upgraded its FOIA webpage, saying that it is now easier for consumers to access and navigate search tools for reviewing FCC FOIA responses and filing their own requests for information.