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FCC Upholds $4,000 Fine for FM Translator Interference

Commission says a translator for Playa Del Sol Broadcasters interfered with county sheriff’s aviation communications

The FCC reaffirmed a $4,000 fine against Playa Del Sol Broadcasters, licensee of FM translator K238AK in Palm Desert, Calif.

The commission said the translator on 109.5 MHz interfered with the VHF aviation band, specifically the Riverside County sheriff’s helicopter communications, three times in 2008 from the broadcaster’s failure to properly attenuate the translator emissions.

Playa Del Sol uses the translator to rebroadcast KRCK(FM), Mecca, Calif.

The broadcaster didn’t dispute the facts, but argued it shouldn’t be fined because its violation wasn’t intentional.

The commission backed up the Enforcement Bureau, saying in its decision this week that even though Playa Del Sol didn’t intend to break the law, it still did.

The money must be paid within 30 days.