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FEMA Crafts EAS Best Technical Practices

In preparation for the national EAS test; webinar update tomorrow

National EAS “best practices” are the topic when officials from FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and industry experts take part in a webinar tomorrow.

In order to prepare EAS participants for the Nov. 9 national EAS test, FEMA IPAWS and the FCC are partnering with others to draft a technical best practices guide on end-to-end national EAS message procedures.

They say the guide will be updated incrementally with the EAS community through webinars, roundtables and other activities leading up to the test.

To contribute to this best practices guide, the organizers invite visitors to the website A National Dialogue on the Emergency Alert System.

Tomorrow’s webinar will cover a summary of the national EAS test process, technical best practices and nationwide EAS test preparations. The webinar begins at 12:30 Eastern. Presenters include Manny Centeno, FEMA IPAWS EAS test and demonstration program manager; Kelly Williams, senior director, Engineering and Technology Policy for NAB Science & Technology; and Chris Brandt, head-end engineer.

You can sign up for the webinar here.