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Fluke Issues DMM Recall

Fluke Issues DMM Recall

Fluke Corp. says certain of its digital multimeters may be potentially unsafe. The recall affects early versions of its Fluke 175, 177 and 179 DMMs, those manufactured from Jan. 1 to July 12 of 2001. If an “R” follows the serial number, or if the serial number is 79000001 or higher, the notice does not apply. “When measuring AC voltage above 500 volts, the display on affected meters may be slow in showing a final, accurate measurement,” the company states on its Web site.
“The final reading may not be displayed for 6 to 18 seconds. During this delay, the meter may not indicate that high voltage is present, placing the user in a potentially hazardous situation. No injuries have been reported as a result of this situation.” Although the problem will not occur when measuring the U.S. standard of 480 volts or less, the company said, all affected instruments should be returned for repair at no charge. For more information visit or call (800) 260-4819.