For $700 Grand, Beasley Buys Vegas Translator

Broker says it's third largest translator price ever
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Who would have thought years ago that FM translators would ever sell for this kind of money?

Beasley Media Group has reached agreement to pay $700,000 for an FM translator in Las Vegas, acquiring it from Southern Nevada Educational Broadcasters, a Nevada Trust. The contract is subject to FCC approval.

Bob Heymann of Media Services Group was broker for the buyer; Robert Branch represented the seller. The license bears call sign K268CS; it airs at 101.5 MHz and is currently associated with KKVV(AM). Beasley holdings in Las Vegas include talker KDWN(AM).

Heymann said BIA/Kelsey data indicates that this would be the third highest cash price ever paid for an FM translator.

Some related statistics: There were 6,186 FM translators and boosters in the United States at the last FCC count, published mid-year. That is a 54% increase over 10 years from the 4,026 in June of 2006, and a 130% increase over 20 years from the 2,687 in 1996.