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Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson and Agere Unveil MP3 Surround Download

Fraunhofer IIS, Thomson and Agere Unveil MP3 Surround Download

Fraunhofer and Thomson, co-inventors of MP3, and Agere Systems have launched MP3 surround into the consumer and commercial markets. The companies say this technology will enable 5.1 channels surround-quality sound for a broad spectrum of applications including Web-based music distribution, broadcasting systems, PC-related audiovisual or gaming applications, consumer electronics and automotive systems.
MP3 surround supports high-quality multi-channel sound at bit rates comparable to those currently used to encode stereo MP3 material, resulting in files half the size of common compressed surround formats, believe the participants. The new format is backward compatible to existing MP3 software and hardware devices.
To download an evaluation sample of an MP3 surround encoder and decoder, go to:
The evaluation encoder enables the creation of MP3 surround files out of 5 or 6-channel wav material. The Fraunhofer IIS MP3 surround player is can decode and play back the surround format’s files as well as stereo MP3 material. This software runs on a standard PC with multi-channel audio capabilities.
The evaluation period of the MP3 surround encoder will expire Dec. 31, 2005, while the Fraunhofer IIS player will remain functional. The use of this particular software is allowed for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Professionals can license MP3 surround from Thomson at