Frontier Silicon Upgrades Verona 2

Enhanced module supports color screen displays for DAB/DAB+ digital radios
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Pure launched the Elan 3 in recent weeks, a color radio with its own color exterior. But the technology that gives the Elan 3 its color screen display has also been revealed, Frontier Silicon’s Verona 2 module. The upgraded platform supports color screen displays for DAB/DAB+ digital radios, and is now available.

The Verona 2 module is based on the Kino 4 chip, which uses a single integrated processor, for power efficiency. No additional hardware is required to add the color screen into digital radios.

Among the features that the Verona 2 module provides are images for station branding, songs, artists, news, traffic and weather information.


Frontier Silicon Upgrades Venice

"With the launch of DAB+ in Australia this year, we have taken the strategic decision to develop the Venice 5.1 module so that our customers are ready to supply digital radios during the second half of 2008 as the market develops."