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Futuri Media Makes Acquisition

Adds to management lineup

Radio programming and services provider Futuri Media has announced the acquisition of TopLine Matters, a radio industry consultancy. Futuri and TopLine have had a business relationship for several years.

In the wake of the announcement, Futuri has made several personnel changes, some of which involve TopLine Matters people. TopLine’s founder Tracy Gilliam becomes the new Futuri SVP of sales.

Craig Bowman moves from vice president of development and support to SVP of technology. Director of Finance Laura Griffith moves to SVP of finance. Jason Robinaugh is the new VP of support. Jamie Arseneault goes from director of mobile development to director of TopicPulse product development. Joe Tranchita shifts from creative technologist to director of user interface development.

Joining the company is Todd Thomas as SVP of operations, Tim Loughry as TopicPulse operations manager and Amanda Williams as assistant development manager.

Futuri President and CEO Daniel Anstandig said, “To keep pace with our rapid growth, it made strategic sense to realign and strengthen our executive team. Tracy Gilliam’s company provides the sales excellence and the continuity we’ve depended on in our partnership for the past five years, and we’re thrilled to have her organization as a permanent part of our company.”