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Gary Timm Joins Broadcast Warning Working Group

He is the newest core member

The Broadcast Warning Working Group has added a new core member.

The organization says Gary Timm “has been one of the most thoughtful, constructive, contributive and dedicated people working towards EAS improvement from the start.”

Timm serves as the chair of the Wisconsin State Emergency Communications Committee, and has held that position for more than 20 years. Additionally, he most recently was an EAS subject expert consultant for the Touchstone Consulting Group and is a former member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers EAS Committee. Timm is also a member of the FCC’s EAS National Advisory Committee and a participant in the FCC’s ongoing Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council.

While on the SBE EAS Committee, Gary was the principal author the EAS CAP Roadmap, a document regarding the Common Alerting Protocol, which called for the formation of a number of specific working groups to flesh out various sections of the CAP EAS.

Timm immediately began his BWWG participation as the principal author of suggestions to the FCC on EAS improvements now that the Sixth Report and Order has been released. That document has been sent to the commission and will be available on the EAS Forum website soon.

The current core members of the BWWG are: Adrienne Abbott, chair, Nevada SECC; Clay Freinwald, chair, Washington SECC; Suzanne Goucher, president, Maine Association of Broadcasters; Barry Mishkind, editor, Broadcasters Desktop Forum; David Ostmo, director of Engineering, KABB/KMYS(TV); Richard Rudman, vice chair, California SECC; Gary Timm, broadcast chair, Wisconsin SECC; Sharon Tinsley, president, Alabama Broadcasters’ Association.