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GatesAir Gains Momentum in China

Says several radio stations have ordered Flexiva FAX air-cooled FM transmitters

GatesAir recently secured a significant radio and television contract in China through channel partner Cimax.

The deal, which the company says is valued at US$428,000, consists of an order from several radio broadcasters for the delivery of new Flexiva FAX air-cooled FM transmitters, ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW. GatesAir adds that many of the transmitters are equipped for China’s digital radio service.

Among stations receiving the new transmitters are Jiaxing Radio, Shanghai SOPT, Chengdu Radio, Shandong Yishan Station, Jilin Radio and Shandong Radio. In addition, Mengshan Station will take delivery of a Maxiva UAXT air-cooled transmitter for its new DTV channel.

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“We have strong, long-term relationships with the local GatesAir team, and have been very satisfied with the performance of GatesAir transmitters in the past,” said Mr. Jin Mingjie, station manager, Mengshan Station. “We are very happy to use GatesAir products for our new channel service.”