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GatesAir Offers Transmitter Exciter Upgrade

Platinum Z and ZX transmitters targeted

GatesAir is offering owners of Harris Platinum Z and ZX transmitters an upgrade to their exciters.

The Flexiva Power-Up Program provides for swapping out the old exciter for a new Flexiva FAX-50 exciter. The new exciter provides analog and HD Radio capabilities, along with newer, more efficient technology, according to the company.

GatesAir Chief Product Officer Rich Redmond said, “Many of the Platinum Z and ZX transmitters in the field are not even halfway through their operational lives. The Flexiva Power-Up Program gives these customers a low-cost way to leverage the benefits of Gen4 Exgine technology for HD Radio broadcasting, and get the most competitive sound on analog without forklifting their entire systems.”

A release adds, “The Flexiva Power-Up Program allows Platinum Z and ZX customers to raise HD Radio power by up to 237% upon integrating the Flexiva FAX-50 FM exciter … Furthermore, the Flexiva FAX exciter enables hybrid FM/HD broadcasters to increase transmitter analog power by up to 33%, also enhancing overall system flexibility.”

In addition, adopters can also take advantage of discounts on new importers and exporters.