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Gear Stolen from TFT

Gear Stolen from TFT

Supplier TFT suffered a burglary Aug. 15 and is asking for help if anyone is contacted about two items stolen from its shipping dock, a Model 911D EAS Decoder Only with serial number 1010476 and Model 9107B Composite STL Receiver with S/N 1090437.
“The burglars used something like a crowbar between a rear door and its frame to gain access,” said the company’s Darryl Parker, who added that door alarms apparently scared off the thieves before police arrived.
One item was new; the other belonged to a customer. TFT has filed an insurance claim and will replace the customer’s unit with a new one, said Parker.
“We are very fortunate that no one was in the building at the time and that our alarm company and the San Jose police are professionals at what they do,” he said.
E-mail Parker at: [email protected]