Gefen Offers Tool for Multiple Screens

Gefen Offers Tool for Multiple Screens
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Gefen Inc. is touting its ex-tend-it 4x1 DVI switcher. It handles two applications, so users can switch between cross-platform computers using two digital flat-panel displays.
The setup allows users to double the amount of information available and permits concurrent work on separate applications — a typical scenario among users of products like Digidesign Pro Tools.
Another application is switching among multiple computers using one digital flat panel display. This benefits those who need access to programs running on different computers without physically shifting among up to four computers. The electronic switching takes place within the switcher. Price: $799.


The Value of Radio Screens

RDS RadioText has been used for a decade or more now to display "now playing" information on the receiver screen. Most implementations of digital radio expand and build on such uses for metadata, however, and many stations are still trying to figure out how best to use the screen that comes with many DAB receivers.