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Germany Re-Focuses on Digital Radio

Germany Re-Focuses on Digital Radio

Germany renewed its commitment to digital radio at IFA, according to a group promoting Eureka-147, which says that, as Europe’s second-largest consumer electrics market, participation from Germany is key to manufacturer’s rollout plans for digital radio abroad.
At a symposium hosted by Germany’s public broadcaster, ARD, speakers representing different areas of the industry issued a call to work together for the success of DAB.
WDR’s Program Director, Monika Piel called for new thinking, with public and commercial radio “pulling together.” She said more money must be spent on new content for DAB stations.
Thomas Hirschle, President of the Baden-Wuerttemburg Communications Authority, was critical of German broadcasters’ track record on promoting DAB and called for a realistic and comprehensive strategy for introducing new services. On a federal level, he said agreements must be adhered to and the German states must stop “sitting on the
German Minister of Economics, Wolfgang Clement, warned that lack of commitment to DAB – a broadcast technology largely developed in Germany – meant the country was forced to import more and more, rather than exporting its own innovations. He said DAB was taking too long to come to market and urged manufacturers and broadcasters to move with more speed.
Fifty Eureka radio products were on display; 47 digital radio services were on air during IFA, said to draw 150,000 attendees, according to the World DAB Forum.