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Glider, Schumacher Are Promoted at Westwood One

Broadcast engineers are named VPs

Jeremy Schumacher
Mitch Glider has been appointed VP of engineering for Westwood One. He’ll be responsible for broadcast and satellite uplink facilities.

Mitch Gilder Meantime, Jeremy Schumacher was elevated to the title of VP of broadcast information technology, overseeing the company’s broadcast computer systems.

The company said both men will continue to work in New York; they will report to Beth Robinson, senior vice president of broadcast operations and engineering.

Prior to July, Conrad Trautmann had been the senior VP of engineering and IT with Westwood One; he left for a position with Dial Global/Triton Radio Networks, as RW reported then.

Network Radio President Gary Schonfeld said Mitch Glider “has distinguished himself managing a series of high-profile and technically challenging projects for the company — from news to sports to the recent MAX satellite system rollout — each with unique engineering challenges.”

He called Schumacher a key team member in development and deployment of the MAX system and said he is “at the forefront of the company’s digital content delivery initiatives.”

Trautmann Heads to Dial Global, Triton” (July 23)