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Gorman-Redlich on “What Next” After Waiver Rejection

Says outcome hurts numerous small-market stations

Gorman-Redlich is commenting on the FCC’s rejection of its waiver request, which was announced just before the latest national EAS test. As we noted in our earlier story, Radio World had sought reaction from the company.

In an email to Radio World, company founder Jim Gorman wrote:

It is unfortunate that the FCC has denied our waiver request to the disadvantage of numerous small-market stations whose budgets may not allow for upgrading their so-called “legacy” Emergency Alert System equipment.

Although Gorman-Redlich maintains support of our legacy EAS equipment, some other manufacturers do not; either because they have implemented a support “sunset” for the equipment or because they have ceased business operations.

Gorman-Redlich EAS users may take note that EAS-1 units with firmware v9.8 and above (which has been available for some years now) and EAS-1 TV/CG units with firmware v20.9 and above already support the 000000 and NPT codes, which have been the source of much consternation, and will continue to be updated to keep users of that equipment in compliance in the future.

For users of some EAS equipment from other manufacturers, results may vary with regard to ongoing support and updates.

Darryl Parker of TFT has released the support memo, available at, which details the firmware versions of TFT EAS equipment which is compatible with the 000000 and NPT codes and how to apply the appropriate settings to ensure that compatibility.

Sean Donelan has filed comments with the FCC, available online at, which appear to describe settings to allow for the use of 000000 and NPT codes with legacy Sage EAS units.

Users of legacy equipment from other manufacturers should consult their operator’s manual and settings to see how, if possible, they can configure their EAS equipment to accept the 000000 location and NPT event codes.