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“AI Radio” Demonstrates AI Partnership

Super Hi-Fi and ElevenLabs promise "incredibly realistic voices"

Ready or not, here comes the AI. The stream of news and product announcements about applications of artificial intelligence for radio and audio continues to swell.

Super Hi-Fi and ElevenLabs have announced a partnership to produce AI DJ services for broadcasters and music services. It’s the kind of product that radio people have been fascinated by and worried about.

The companies promise “a completely AI-driven listening experience that offers all the benefits of professionally produced radio, but is totally digital, fully interactive, and can be made bespoke to the user.”

The companies have created a live stream called “AI Radio” to show what they can do.

“Streaming content 24 hours per day, the station is completely autonomous; created and managed exclusively by AI using Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch, ElevenLabs’ Prime Voice AI and ChatGPT,” they said in their announcement. (Listen here.)

The companies said customers will be able to create “incredibly realistic voices that can be used as DJs, read personalized news, provide localized weather bulletins, or for advertising, all through the same interface that they currently use to manage their radio experiences.”

Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon was quoted in the announcement, “To be able to instantly design and generate amazingly realistic voices, combined with our existing ability to mix, assemble and deliver a radio station with maximum quality and scale, opens the door to use cases that will delight listeners like never before.”

He made the announcement with Mati Staniszewski, CEO of Eleven Labs.

The radio content is created by a combination of narration composed via ChatGPT and audio spoken by ElevenLabs’ AI voices, pulled together by Super Hi-Fi’s AI automated production suite.

The companies said in their press release that the ability to have AI-generated voices “woven into personalized listening experiences is emerging as a new standard for the industry and an expectation for the listener.”

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